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I grew up as a missionary kid in Pakistan, and I had tried to be a  lacto-ovo vegetarian there, purely because slaughter practices are  NOT clean, even less so than in the western hemisphere; meat is kept  in open-air markets. This did not last very long, as vegetarianism is  very foreign to  the culture there, and refusing to eat the local  food (full of different sorts of meat) is very offensive;  hospitality, accepting and giving it, is central to Pakistani  culture. As soon as I came back to live in the States about 3 years  ago, I went back to being a vegetarian.

I became vegan about three months ago. I decided to stop eating  dairy, eggs and fish after doing a little thinking. When you really  think about WHERE the food comes from, you think twice about whether  you want to put it in your mouth. Really, the menstrual cycle of a  chicken doesn’t seem like it was meant to be consumed. It occurred to  me that the literal definitions of “beef”, “sausages”, etc, are  nothing more than cut-up body parts, and that “milk” is the mammary secretion of a completely different species. It’s simply not appealing to me.

All this is aside from the fact that it is arrogant to think that  some lives are food or clothing products, while others are 
companions. When you think about it, it’s silly. Animals are animals:  I won’t cover myself with something that used to cover an animal.  If  I won’t eat my cat, I won’t eat a cow; if I won’t eat my pet dog, I  won’t eat a hot dog.

I can’t see myself going back. Being vegan doesn’t define me; it’s just become second nature, a part of my life. That that life happens to be a peaceful, caring life is a beautiful thing as well.

I’d just like to publicly thank my parents for being so selfless and supportive. Though they are not vegetarians they go out of their way to accommodate me and daily show wonderful respect for my lifestyle. Also, since I’m the only vegan (or vegetarian of any sort) in my immediate social circle, it’s lovely to have your weekly encouragement in the form of your podcast. Thank you.

~Nathan in Franklin, Tennessee


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