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I think even when growing up, I was never totally comfortable with eating meat — there was always a bone, a vein, tendons — even with ground-up hamburger meat, there was always an unidentifiable something in it. But of course, like most everyone else, I didn’t question that this was where I needed to get my protein.

Over the years, I volunteered at a dog and cat shelter, read many animal rights books and donated small sums to mainstream animal welfare groups, none of which detailed the cruelty that I know about now or advocated being vegan.

I became vegetarian gradually and was for about 15 years before finally going vegan last September. I tried once before after reading Eternal Treblinka. That book should have done it for me, but I had no support then & was in fact, met with hostility from vegetarian friends who didn’t want to hear about it. (And I don’t think podcasts or blogs had been invented yet.) So I went back somewhat, still buying products made with milk or eggs, eating eggs at restaurants, cream with coffee.

I’m so glad you mentioned The Good Good Pig in your podcast, ‘‘Peace for Pigs.’’ One weekend last fall, I decided to give myself one last push toward becoming vegan. I read Vegan Freak: Being Vegan in a Non-Vegan World and The Good Good Pig that weekend. That was it for me finally: a good “scolding” from the Vegan Freaks and one truly wonderful pig.

I’ve since discovered it’s absolutely easy living vegan and I’ve learned much from your podcasts and writings. I’ve learned about the bad — such as the mutilations the animals are forced to endure and the young ages at which they’re killed. But I’ve also learned about the good — places like Peaceful Praire Sanctuary and Pigs Peace Sanctuary, and of course about other people who are changing, evolving, to a cruelty-free life.

I just hope we can convince, or inspire as you say, more people to just leave the animals free to live their own lives.

~Lenore in Skokie, IL

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